Our Purpose

DZ Supply is dedicated to creating and sharing the most memorable and unique dropzone inspired designs that encourage customers to continue to experience the joy and exhilaration felt during their skydiving adventure. DZ Supply’s array of available products (shirts, hats, beanies, pull up cords, USBs, and more!) is designed to be the one stop needed to meet the needs of every dropzone gear shop​.

Established in 2014 our goal was to create both new and modern designs to give all DZOs the opportunity to help refresh their gear stores and to offer new options to repeat tandem students eager to purchase skydiving apparel.


In  2017, our goal remains the same: to meet the needs of our customers in any way possible. This is why we are pleased to offer both stock designs and custom design packagesfor all of our products. You can easily purchase already available designs with a 2-3 week delivery time or choose to have us create products with images and words specific to your dropzone. At DZ Supply, the options are endless!



Boogie Shirts

Over the years, DZ Supply has worked with multiple dropzones across the country to help create personalized boogie shirts to meet the needs of all boogie-goers (sport jumpers and load organizers alike!). Whether you would like for us to create a brand new logo, modify your existing logo, or elect to go with a different concept altogether, we enjoy working directly with DZOs and DZ managers to create the shirts that help your event come to life. Check out the Skydive Carolina collection to e

xemplify how we can modify your existing logo to match the theme of your boogie from year to year! Questions? Let us know in the “Contact” section.


Custom Design Package

If you are interested in apparel that is customized to meet the needs of the clientele of your DZ and your gear store, then we suggest the Custom Design Package. This package will allow you fill your store with items that you choose rather than generic tandem or sport jumper souvenir shirts. Contact us with some ideas or examples of what you would like for your custom design to display and we will design your shirts around that concept.

Stock Designs

We have shirts ready-to-order that have already been designed and priced with your logo included. These shirts are available for order at quantities of 24, 48, or 96. For your convenience, we have predetermined the run of shirt sizes to maximize sales. Shirts will arrive at your location within 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order.

Dye Sub Jerseys

Are you looking for a way to help make your staff or your sponsored teams appear more unified? Jerseys (á la Skydive Dubai) are a great way to identify your professional skydivers. Our breathable, lightweight fabric is perfect for both warm and cold weather. With the ability to be dye-sublimated, colors and design possibilities are limitless. Contact us today and we will work with you to design cutting edge, eye catching jerseys to meet your jumpers’ needs!

                Item details:

  • Full Dye-Sublimated Sports Jerseys

  • 100% Polyester sublimation fabrics and custom fabrics

  • Minimum order: 24


All skydivers know the saying…“if you didn’t get it on video, it didn’t happen!” No jumper wants to be stuck without a way to take his or her skydiving video home to watch again and again. USB drives are a great way to deliver videos to tandem students and to keep in your gear shop to enable skydivers to share videos with each other. With customized USB drives through DZ Supply, we can ensure those fond skydiving memories are associated with your brand. Contact us today for ideas on how to create a USB drive your jumpers will remember.

  •                 Item details:

  • 4 Gig

  • Minimum order: 1000​


Buffs have become largely popular in the sport for women and men alike. They are perfect for preventing those pesky hair tangles that come from skydiving and tunnel flying. They also provide some wind protection in warm or cool weather! Put your company logo and design on an order of buffs today and jumpers who visit your dropzone will carry them throughout their skydiving travels! This is a cost effective way to help expose your brand across the world of skydiving. Contact us today for ideas on how to customize buffs to appeal to your jumpers!

                Item details:

  • 100% polyester

  • Minimum order: 500

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